Treatment Considerations for Implant Rehabilitation

“Multiple surgical and restorative factors play a role in the treatment planning of implant restorations for the edentulous patient (Ali B, Bhavani V., 2014)”.

Critical restorative factors include a complete examination and evaluation of:

  • Hard and soft tissues
  • Need for lip support
  • Location of occlusal plane
  • Available restorative space
  • Number, position and angulation of implants (Stamford CM., 2005).


The dentist discussed expectations of treatment outcomes with the patient and what the patient’s long-term goal was for her teeth. There were clear objectives to have better masticatory function, aesthetic requirements, improved speech and an improved sense of well-being. The patient reported that three anterior teeth exfoliated naturally in the last 3 weeks and chewing was not problematic but the loss of the teeth had resulted in a lisp. The existing full upper denture had not been a problem over the years. Breakages had occurred with the denture which was repaired by gluing the denture.

To read in more detail, download the Case study from the link above.

Southern Cross Dental would like to acknowledge and thank Dr Lincoln Harris, Bargara, Queensland for the presentation of this clinical case.