Dental Diagnostics Products

Southern Cross Dental has a range of products and services that facilitates better communication between the dentist and the laboratory, which in turn is key in obtaining predictable and favourable patient outcomes.

Diagnostic Wax up
Diagnostics - Radiological Guide
Diagnostic Radiological Guide

For radiological guides, the standard of care is a cone beam computerised tomogram, which is used as a diagnostic tool to detail bone volume, arch space and bone quality.

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Diagnostics - Study Models
Dental Study Models

Study models can be used for initial evaluation for partial dentures, aesthetic considerations, or more involved treatment planning procedures. Orthodontic study models can also be fabricated.

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diagnostic wax up upper
Dental Diagnostic Wax-up

Diagnostic Wax-ups help the patient, dentist and technician to visualise the final aesthetic and functional outcome. They can be delivered electronically through exocad or the more traditional option of a physical model with wax.

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