Dental implants offer an effective and predictable way to replace teeth. Function, aesthetics and phonetics are regained. The long-term success clinically and aesthetically depends upon an appreciation and management of the peri-implant tissues.


The patient was advised that the tooth was unable to be saved. As a result of potential bone infection, the patient was advised to seek prompt treatment as if the tooth was left for too long then bone could be lost. A warning was given that some type of graft may be required.

Various treatment options and costings were presented to the patient:

  1. Bridge
  2. Partial upper chrome
  3. Implant

After the treatment plan discussions, the patient opted to have the implant. For more details and to continue reading, download the Case study file from the links above.

Southern Cross Dental would like to thank Dr Lincoln Harris, Bundaberg, Queensland for provision of this clinical case.