Ordering and Sending a Case


To order products, you can download lab sheets here.

Please include as much detail as possible about each case in the prescription section. Always include the shade, tooth number and type of restoration you require. For ceramic veneers or all-ceramic restorations, please advise the abutment shade.

Before you submit lab sheets, make sure that your four digit account number is clearly listed, and don’t forget your contact details. These are important, in case we need to clarify anything about your case.


When it comes to sending us impressions, models or other information for a case, we provide a pre-paid SCD addressed NZ Courier Bag in each case that is returned to you. The first courier bag is sent out with your information pack once you have opened a account.

Courier bags are ideal for convenient, fast and cost-effective delivery. 


Wherever possible, please send us PVS or polyether impressions. We will pour the models.

Due to occupational health and safety requirements, please do not send alginate impressions unless agreed by prior arrangement.

If you are sending models, please pack them carefully and send them in bubble wrap or plastic boxes to minimise risk of breakage. Take extra care to protect impressions with posts and cores or implants.

We suggest using autoclave bags for small items and labelling them with your name and job number in indelible ink.