A female aged over 70 presented with an unremarkable medical history seeking a comprehensive examination as the last dental examination was over four years ago. The patient is a non-smoker. Her main concerns were her worn dentition and broken down teeth.

The intraoral examination revealed:

  • Fair oral hygiene
  • Partially edentulous maxilla and mandible
  • Heavily restored dentition
  • Wearing on the palatal aspect of her maxillary anterior teeth.


The lower teeth which were built up by the Penn Stent are easy to polish and enabled adjustment of the occlusion. The slight discrepancy between the aesthetic compromise of the use of porcelain and composite in this particular case was offset by the advantage of conservative management of the lower anteriors. Both dentist and patient were satisfied with the result.

The dentist stated ‘There was a huge improvement in the patient’s appearance and perception of her smile. In the future, we will be able to replace the upper denture with some nice implant-supported crowns to take it to the next level. The patient is a lady over 70, with high expectations of a nice result after finally deciding to get something done to improve her smile…and her expectations were exceeded.’

For more details, download the case study from the links above.

SCD would like to thank Dr Kenneth Cheung for supplying the photographs for this case.