Vertical dimension (VD) can be defined as the distance between any two points measured in the maxilla and the mandible when the teeth are in maximum intercuspation (Lucia VO., 1961).


Patient has presented to dentist seeking an improved dental appearance. The patient wanted more tooth structure to be visible for a more attractive smile. The plan was to divide the new vertical build-up between the lower and upper arches.

The dentist sent the original models to the laboratory with a record of the interoccusal registration so that the technician could increase the vertical dimension. The laboratory was asked to design a diagnostic wax up for the patient to approve. This wax-up involved increasing the height of teeth in both arches as originally planned.

The dentist then requested that a Penn Composite Stent™ be made for the upper arch which the dentist would build up entirely with composite. For more information, download the Case study file above.

Southern Cross Dental acknowledges the assistance of Dr. Harshwardhan Narde, 1 Piper Street, North Tamworth, NSW, Australia for his co-operation in this case presentation.