Penn Composite Stent™ (Pavona Pty Ltd)

The Penn Composite Stent™ is an injectable direct composite veneer process developed by Dr David Penn in 2008.  

It utilises traditional direct bonding techniques with flowable resins injected within a customised stent to create the desired aesthetics.

Study models are evaluated for the most desirably-shaped teeth for each case and a diagnostic wax-up is provided for the dentist prior to stent fabrication.

The teeth are prepared, the stent placed in-situ and the resin is injected and cured. When the stent is removed, the resin veneers are trimmed and polished.


  • Conservative tooth preparation
  • Quick delivery
  • Patient can participate in aesthetic determination pre-operatively
  • Cost-effective
  • Suitable for temporary or more intermediate solutions


  • Composite wears down
  • Composite stains and needs upgrading
  • Aesthetics may not be as good as ceramic veneers
  • New generation flowable resins are available such as:

Clearfil Majesty™ ES Flow (Kuraray)
Beautifil® Flow Plus (SHOFU)
Premise™ (Kerr)
G-ænial™ Flo (GC)