Topic: COLAB NZ Presents Problems with Routine Crown & Bridge Work
Date: Tuesday 25 October 2022
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Venue: Cordis Hotel Auckland
Address: 83 Symonds Street, Grafton, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Speaker: Dr  Simon Parsons

Canapes and wine from 6:00pm
Presentation starts at 6:30pm


Key Learnings:
Please join Dr Simon Parsons as we will explore common problems in routine crown and bridgework.
In this presentation we explore:
What Problems Arise with Crown and Bridgework?
Troubleshooting Aesthetic Problems
Troubleshooting Fit Problems

What Problems Arise with Crown and Bridgework?
We will examine why problems are experienced at the time of issuing a restoration, often requiring significant clinical time to adjust, or resulting in the need for a remake. By understanding where errors arise, a clinician can put into place measures to minimise the risk of error and the headaches that might otherwise ensue. We will explore which procedures pose the largest risk of problems and consider alternative approaches with a higher degree of reliability and predictability.

Why do we experience less than desirable aesthetics?
Are they due to clinician error, laboratory error or simply inherent to the materials we use? In this presentation we examine what drives problems with aesthetics. By understanding the limitations and characteristics of crown materials, teeth and adhesives, we can explore how to approach cases so that the risk of aesthetic failure is reduced.

Why do we experience Fit Problems?
Why is it that crowns, bridges and veneers sometimes fail to fit, whether in terms of margins, contacts or occlusion? Are fit issues due to clinician error, laboratory error, patient issues or the materials we use? We examine what drives problems with fit so that we can avoid common errors and reduce the risk of headaches and remakes.


Dr Simon Parsons

A little bit about our presenter:
Dr Simon Parsons is a practising dentist with over 25 years’ experience working in private dental practice. Dr Parsons tutored dental undergraduates and dental assistants and continues to enjoy teaching and mentoring oral health professionals. He has balanced his interest in clinical treatment and practice management in various roles, having run large multidisciplinary dental practices for over a decade.

Dr Simon Parsons is a Sydney-based general dentist who currently splits his time across private practice, providing dentolegal advice to clinicians, and delivering educational lectures, workshops and webinars. He has over thirty years of clinical experience and has worked in the past as a clinical consultant for Southern Cross Dental as well as in roles as Clinical Director and Senior Dentist at large group practices.

With broad experience in risk management issues, Dr Parsons has conducted clinical governance activities for several major health funds. He spent three years serving as Clinical Director at Australian Health Management and then as Acting National Dental Director for Medibank Private. As part of the Dental Protection team, he is keen to share his risk management knowledge and experience with fellow dental practitioners. He completed an MBA in 2001.