Proform Mouthguards

All Proform mouthguards are individually hand crafted using only the highest quality material moulded from the impression of each detention. This provides a patient with superior fit, comfort and protection which may improve their compliance.

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Standard Mouthguard

Proform Standard mouthguards are high quality single layer mouthguards. Offering genuine protection for low and medium impact sports, this range is also suitable  for crowded and misaligned teeth. Minimal moulding for younger mouths.

  • Suitable for ages 5-12.
  • Single colour only.
  • Suitable for all sports with low impact (Basketball, Soccer,
    Little League).


Proform Professional Dual

Proform Professsional Dual mouthguards are ideal for all high impact sports which require a professional level of protection. With dual coverage of the dentition, the design ensures speech and breathing remains unrestricted making these mouthguards great for athletes constantly on the go.

  • Suitable for ages 13 to adult.
  • Suitable for all sports with medium-low impact
    (AFL, Rugby, Hockey).


Professoinal Plus Mouthguard

The Proform Professional Plus range incorporates advanced design features, offering a professional level of protection and retention with triple layer coverage of the dentition. These mouthguards are designed for serious athletes who require maximum protection.

  • Suitable for ages 13 to adult.
  • Suitable for high impact sports (Boxing, Karate, Kickboxing, Taekwondo).