ORIGIN - New Zealand Made Range

Premium. Locally Made. Reliable.

Manufactured right at your doorstep, Origin offers a broad selection of locally made products, all crafted by experienced technicians using the latest technology.

Origin is consistently monitored for accuracy and precision to deliver reliable, premium products 
of the highest quality.

Take advantage of competitive prices and fast turnaround times throughout New Zealand.

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ORIGIN Product Range

Crown and Bridgework

Other Products

  • Special tray
  • Wax rims or bites

*Terms & Conditions Apply
Origin excludes bridges. Origin crowns hours begins from the time the case is received & booked into our system. The five day turnaround period does not include transit time - only in-lab duration. Our turnaround time offer is only applicable for a maximum of three units. In-lab delays may occur if we are not provided with the correct information, technical information is required or there is a problem with the impression, in which case the guarantee will not apply.